A vegetarian sandwich in Italian focaccia bread

Back in August we welcomed Carlos to the Wild Wheat team and boy, did he hit the ground running – brimming with ideas and enthusiasm to bring some new lunch items to our savoury menu.

Hence the arrival of the Gourmet Sandwich, the Seasonal Quiche and the Vegetarian Pie.

At first we changed the three flavours every week.  But since September, we’ve settled down to a more regular fortnightly pattern so we can have a little longer to enjoy the flavours we really love:  the Chicken & Brie Panini, the Vegetarian Focaccia Stack with chargrilled veges and apple chutney, the Beef, Cheese and Sriracha Aioli on ciabatta bun, the Croque Monsieur on kumara sourdough.

Joining the weekly Gourmet Pie, the Vegetarian Pie has been a fantastic addition to the menu too, often complemented by a Vegetarian Quiche.  As many of us, even if not vegetarians, try to ease off our meat consumption and look for more sustainable eating options.

Carlos works from a sustainable point of view.  He strives to use ingredients which are abundant and in season.  He also strives to make use of the food we have rather than wasting it.  Carlos also likes to keep things dynamic and interesting.  This is good for customers and staff; there is always something new to look forward to.