September Specials

A new loaf, new pies & a Father’s Day Treat


Full steam ahead with new delicious specials and the return of some old favourites too.

You can order your Father’s Day cakes via phone or email and also pre-order to limit your time in the shop.

Mt Eden orders email

Howick orders email to

Belmont orders email to 

Ascot orders email to

To phone your local Wild Wheat, see our where to by page.

See below for what’s on offer this week:
A loaf of Horopito Sourdough with two slices and bottles of The Good Oil in the background

Horopito Sourdough

The September Special

This third in our local series: we use a local, indigenous peppery flavoured Horopito in a classic sourdough with wholemeal spelt as well as white flour and locally grown and pressed, 100% organic, rapeseed oil.

And this month you can buy The Good Oil at our shops too, and support local growers.

$7.00 for the bread; $10.00 for the oil.

Chocolate Stout Cake

Father’s Day Special

A special treat for that special dad in your life

A double-layered chocolate cake made with stout (yep – that’s beer) with a light chocolate ganache to top off each layer.  Cakes measure 11cm in diameter and 8cm high and come in their own box, with a white chocolate tuille on top.

Pre-order these for pick up on Sunday.

$14.00 each

A double-layered round Chocolate Stout cake with chocolate ganache in between each layer
rows of handmade gourmet pies

Gourmet Pies

September’s flavours

This month’s Vege Pie is a Thai Green Curry with chunks of carrot, potato, peas and mushrooms.

The Gourmet is Sweet Chili Chicken.

$4.50 and $5.50 each

Citizen Sourdough

Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays

Since we missed out on this for half of the month of August, you’ll still be able to buy the August Special at Wild Wheat of a September weekend.

Leftover bread, made into beer, of which the brew mash is made back into flour, which is then made back into bread again.  It’s the ultimate sustainable food circle.

$7.50 a loaf

A round loaf of sourdough on a chopping board with two slices cut and two cans of beer beside