June Specials

Kawakawa & Honey Sourdough


Our June Special is a complex sourdough with the ever-so-sweet undertones of honey contrasted with the slight peppery undertones of the indigenous kawakawa herb

Two new gourmet pies step into the ring:  Lemongrass Chicken for the carnivores and Curried Potato for the vegetarians.

And back by popular demand, this month’s seasonal quiche is a classic Bacon & Egg Pie.


Kawakawa & Honey Sourdough

The June Special

Going back to a loaf from our local flavours series in 2020, Kawakawa is a slightly peppery indigenous herb, which we pair with the smoothness of honey.  The perfect loaf for the month of Matariki.

The June Special also uses Zentrofan floura finer, lighter and healthier flour through a milling process that uses cool air currents rather than rolling or grinding the grains.  Avoiding heat and excessive friction helps retain the nutrients in a whole grain flour which is simultaneously light and fine in texture.

Chocolate Caramel Slice

An afternoon tea treat

One of our long-standing and most popular slices is the Chocolate Caramel Slice.

A biscuit base, slathered in a generous layer of slightly salted caramel topped off with chocolate. You can easily cut this into smaller pieces for sweet platters or lunchboxes.  Or you might end up eating the whole slice yourself!

Chocolate Caramel Slice
Two slices of Bacon and Egg Pie

Seasonal Quiche

Bacon & Egg Pie

Back by very popular demand, the Bacon & Egg Pie is back this month.

Lovely heated in our toastie press, or straight from the chilled cabinet, it’s a classic:  Bacon, Eggs and Tomato Relish.

June’s Pies

Lemongrass Chicken or Curried Potato

A whimsically fragrant lemongrass chicken flavours this month’s gourmet pie.

And Curried Potato in cumin seeds, turmeric and a pinch of chilli flakes is June’s Vege Pie.

Winter comfort food at its best!


Rows of oval Gourmet pies and square Vege pies fresh out of the oven
Voucher pic

Gift vouchers

For the hard to buy for

When you’re all out of ideas or just need to give a thoughtful, practical gift.

We can make a voucher for you, for any amount you like and pop it in a card.

Wild Wheat vouchers can be bought and redeemed at all of our six retail shops.