November Specials

The return of a favourite


November’s loaf is the return of one of the most popular specials of this year: the Kawakawa & Honey Sourdough.

We will have new November pastries (a Summer Berry & Lemon Danish, a Cruffin filled with Matcha & Coconut Cream & a Tropical Doughnut on Saturdays) and new pie flavours for the month too.

The Citizen Loaf continues as a weekend special on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

See below for what’s on offer this month:
A loaf of sourdough with a third in slices and a jar of honey in front

Kawakawa & Honey Sourdough

The November Special

The first in our local New Zealand series made with natural honey from South Otago and the indigenous kawakawa herb.

The sweet honey and peppery kawakawa create a subtle contrast resulting in an earthy loaf with character and a homegrown story to tell.

Ingredients: NZ-grown wheat, wholemeal spelt flour, sour starter, salt, malt, water, Tuapeka honey & kawakawa

$7.00 for a large oval loaf

Christmas Mince Pies

In store now!

They always seem to arrive early and then go too quickly!

A delicious mix of your usual fruit mince suspects including cranberries, apple & banana, a dash of chocolate and a generous swig of Christmas cheer.

$2.50 each or $12.50 for a box of 6

A swag of Christmas Mince Pies with star-cut pastry on top, dusted in icing sugar
rows of handmade gourmet pies

Gourmet Pies

October’s flavours

This month’s Vege Pie is inspired by Ratatouille (the dish – not the movie 😉 ) – a creamy tomato filling with aubergine and green beans.

Spring Chicken is the gourmet flavour in a creamy sauce with seasonal spring veges.

$4.50 and $5.50 each

Citizen Sourdough

The ultimate in sustainability

Leftover bread, made into beer, of which the brew mash is made back into flour, which is then made back into bread again.  It’s the ultimate sustainable food circle.

We think this loaf is such a winner, we’ll keep baking it for our shops on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for rest of the year.

$7.50 a loaf

A round loaf of sourdough on a chopping board with two slices cut and two cans of beer beside