April Specials

Spelt Porridge Sourdough


The April Special is as Spelt as you can get – the starter is a spelt starter, the flour is spelt flour and we use whole spelt too.

Our new seasonal Danish is Apple & Feijoa, with a more tropically-flavoured cruffin and the weekend doughnut is Butterpecan.

Our Orange Almond Cake has had a mini makeover too with the addition of coconut so it’s now dairy-free and doesn’t contain gluten either.

An oval loaf of sourdough on a wooden chopping board

April Special

Spelt Porridge Sourdough

The next in our New Zealand Series where we showcase and support local products and producers.

For years we have only been able to source Spelt from overseas.  Now we can find locally-grown spelt grain and flour.  This monthly special is made with a spelt starter with both white and wholemeal spelt flours.

The piece de resistance is the NZ-grown whole spelt grain puffed through the Zapmill, made into porridge and then added to the loaf.  A great loaf to try if you are trying to cut down on wheat and gluten.

$7.00 for a large oval loaf

Seasonal Danish

Apple & Feijoa

Officially into Autumn and the fruit that goes with the season: our seasonal Danish features frangipane cream, feijoa jam and thinly sliced baked apple on top.

Our April Cruffin (not pictured here) is filled with pineapple jam and a coconut custard cream.

$4.50 each

Two diamond shaped Danish pastries filled with sliced apple on a wooden board
A round Orange Coconut Cake with almonds on top on a plate

Orange Coconut Cake

No gluten – No dairy

It’s one of our popular and tasty non-gluten sweet items.  We’ve made it dairy-free as well.

The ricotta is gone, coconut is in.  And we still have the orange and the almond.  This is a delicious little morsel, even if you don’t need to be gluten-free.

$4.00 each

Kouign Amann

A fantastic French pastry

These Breton delicacies take the best of a croissant and make it even better!

Think tightly laminated pastry layer flakes with a crisp sugary shell.

Some call it a croissant on steroids.

She’ll win no pastry prize for looks but she’ll scoop up all the awards for flavour.

$4.50 each

Kouign Amann pastry on a plate
A cinnamon bun on a plate smothered in cream cheese icing

Sticky Cinnamon Bun

A naughty pastry treat

When a Cinnamon Bun just isn’t enough….

Our Sticky Cinnamon Bun has the texture of a brioche with a delicious sugary syrup swirled throughout and a lucious creamy icing on top.

$4.50 each