June Specials

Golden Linseeds & Sorghum Sourdough


The June Special packs taste and nutrition into a spongey, moist sourdough loaf.

There’s another two Seasonal Danish for June, as well as two new pie flavours.

And two new doughnuts.

Golden Linseed & Sorghum SD

June Special

Golden Linseed & Sorghum Sourdough

Sorghum is an ancient cereal grain which grows well and provides many nutrients and health benefits

Golden Linseeds have been touted as a nutrition powerhouse

They taste good in a loaf of bread too.

$7.50 for a large round loaf


Meatball Melt or Chicken Schnitzel

Two new sandwiches to take the cake.

An Italian-style meatball sandwiched in a bespoke ciabatta bun with Italian tomato sauce, mozzarella & gherkin.

Or a butterflied chicken breast in sourdough crumb schnitzel with coleslaw, swiss cheese & sriracha mayo.

It’s a tough choice.

$8.00 each

Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich
Chocolate Doughnut


Chocolate Hazelnut or Weekend Coconut Caramel

Our chocolate doughnut is hazelnut flavoured this month.

The weekend treat is coconut caramel.

Resist me if you can…

Seasonal Danish

Berry or Persimmon

Another two pastries to choose between:

Blackberries on sweet cheese with a citrus twang

Tender persimmon baked in honey on a frangipane pastry cream.

$4.50 each

Blueberry Lemon Danish
rows of handmade gourmet pies

Winter Pies

Comfort Chicken or Winter Tomato

The Vege Pie flavour is tomato & mushroom cooked in onion, garlic, thyme, celery & carrot with baby spinach & feta.

The Gourmet is a comfort chicken casserole with leek, carrots, celery & garlic with kumara in a cheesy white sauce

$5.00 or $5.80 each