August Specials

Citizen Sourdough

Check out number two in our monthly special series to support and showcase local products and suppliers: the Citizen Sourdough is more than local; it’s the culmination of a collective to rescue surplus food and reuse it!  Genuis!

We have two new pie flavours, a delicious Gourmet Toastie, a seasonal Danish & some Saturday treats.

See below for more details on our August Specials:
A round loaf of sourdough on a chopping board with two slices cut and two cans of beer beside

The August Special

Citizen Sourdough

The next instalment in our local New Zealand series made with an extra twist.

This month’s special has followed an unusual but inspiring circular path where the leftover brew mash from beer made from leftover bread is made back into bread again.

Ingredients: NZ-grown wheat, spent-grain flour, rye flour, sour starter, salt, and water

$7.50 for a large oval loaf

August’s Gourmet Pies

Chicken Laksa or Winter Veges?

The Gourmet Pie is laksa-flavoured creamy chicken with leek, mushroom and fresh coriander

Cauliflower, roasted pumpkin & corn feature in a creamy, bechamel sauce with mozzarella as this month’s Winter Vege Pie.

$5.50 for the Gourmet Pie; $4.50 for the Vege

rows of handmade gourmet pies
Sticky Cinnamon Bun

Sticky Cinnamon Bun

Deliciously naughty!

This treat is an absolute winner!

Light, pastry bun with a sweet, creamy icing, caramelising underneath.

$4.50 each

Orange Almond Cake with ricotta

Another treat without gluten

You don’t even have to be gluten-free to like this little number.

Using orange and almond as well as the softness of ricotta, this sweet is a delicious option for everyone.

Soft but not too sweet.

A small round golden cake with baked in orange and almond on top