December Specials

Purple Corn Sourdough

Another of the most popular loaves of the year, and certainly the most eye-catching.  We’ve brought it back for Christmas.

And ’tis the season:  you’ll find our amazing Christmas Mince Pies, festive German Stollen (with a marzipan centre) and Italian Christmas Cookies.

We have also chosen some of our most popular gourmet savouries for the final month of the year.  See the selection below.

A round loaf of sourdough bread made with purple cornflour

Purple Corn Sourdough

A moist, spongey low GI sourdough.

Purple corn is an ancient superfood which is lower in gluten, higher in protein, fibre, antioxidants & iron

Ingredients:  Farmers Mill Spray-Free white flour, purple corn flour, white sour starter, water, salt

$7.00 for a large, round loaf

Christmas Mince Pies

‘Tis the season

We love our Christmas Mince Pies!

A delicious mix of your usual fruit mince suspects including cranberries, apple & banana a dash of chocolate and a generous swig of Christmas cheer.

$2.50 each or $12.50 for a box of 6

A swag of Christmas Mince Pies with star-cut pastry on top, dusted in icing sugar
A loaf of German Stollen bread, dusted with icing sugar with three slices where the round marzipan centre is in the middle of each slice

Christmas Stollen

A fruit-filled seasonal treat

A fruit-filled German bread with a delightful marzipan centre.

We take our Stollen seriously; and it’s seriously good.

$12.50 a loaf

December’s savouries

Vege Stack & Butter Chicken

For the vegetarians, the gourmet sandwich features grilled veges and ricotta and Ratatouille Veges are in the pie.

Chicken is the key ingredient in the Seasonal Quiche and the Gourmet Pie with the ever-popular Butter Chicken returning for the final month of the year.

A vegetarian sandwich in Italian focaccia bread