Kibbled Wholewheat

A moist, high fibre loaf using soaked grains and bran.


A moist, porous crumb with a smooth wholesome flavour.


Standard tin loaf.

Serving suggestions

A very moist, easy-to-slice loaf which is the perfect sourdough for breakfast, toasted with spreads or topped with eggs.  Makes great sandwiches too.  Lightly toast and top with avocado, sliced tomato and sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Great as a BLT or BLAT too or topped with poached eggs.


NZ-grown wheat flour, vitamin (folic acid), wholemeal flour, kibble red wheat, toasted bran, additive-free canola oil, salt, water, compressed yeast.

The everyday breakfast sourdough

Originally a monthly special, this loaf was too good and too popular not to add to our permanent menu. With soaked whole grains and toasted bran, this loaf is less processed and thus better for you than your average bread.

Wholegrains include all three parts of a grain kernel: the bran (outer shell), the germ (a small part inside the grain) and the endosperm (centre of the grain).  It is the outer brown layer that contains the highly nutritious bran and the germ of the wheat grain and where most of the nutrients lie.  Kibbled (cracked) wheat is made from whole raw wheat berries which are crushed or cut into smaller pieces.  Kibbled grains are wholegrains as all of the parts of the grain are present; kibbled grains are then split to make the grains easier to eat.  It is often added to healthy diets, especially for people concerned about maintaining a healthy heart.  Wholegrains are low GI and have higher levels of fibre, nutrients and vitamins than white bread.