A light rustic, wholemeal offering with a soft texture.


The earthiness of the wholemeal is flavoured with a touch of olive oil.


Large oval or small round loaf.

Serving Suggestions

Many of the same uses as white sourdough. This is just a step up in flavour. Good with soups, mopping up sauces, bread and dips.ย  Great for grilling, bread and dips. A good option for a rustic, savoury bread and butter pudding.


NZ-grown wheat flour, vitamin (folic acid), wholemeal flour, purple wholemeal flour, olive oil, wheatgerm, water, salt.

The unsung hero of our
sourdough range

The word wholemeal still conjures up fear in some. This dough will make you a fan. Wholemeal flours have great nutritional value as they use all the bran and add rich flavours to doughs. We use two types in this sourdough: a standard option and also a unique purple stoneground wholemeal. This is a very rustic dough which wouldn’t be out of place on an Italian countryside dinner table. Antonio Crisci of Non Solo Pizza in Parnell is adamant our wholemeal sourdough reminds him of the bread he ate growing up in his home town in Naples.

The wholemeal flours and olive oil give this loaf a softer crust than other sourdoughs.ย  The wholemeal and wheatgerm seriously pump up its nutritional value as well as helping to further extend this sourdough’s great keeping qualities.