Spelt Sourdough

A tinned loaf which is low on wheat using spelt flour and flakes.


Nutty spelt flavour with spelt flakes to add to the crunchy texture.


Standard tin loaf.

Serving Suggestions

This is a great versatile bread that is a fantastic half way point for those who are concerned about their gluten intake but don’t want to go totally gluten free.  Good for sandwiches – grilled and toasted sandwiches too – and for mopping up soups and sauces.


White sourdough starter, spelt flour, spelt wholemeal flour, spelt flakes, additive-free canola oil, wheatgerm, water, salt, compressed yeast.

Our low-wheat          low-gluten alternative

With more consumers becoming savvy to what goes into our food and making more informed dietary decisions to increase their feeling of well-being, spelt is a way of reducing the wheat and gluten content in your bread without going completely gluten-free.

Spelt is an ancient grain, one of the first used to make bread, where the vital nutrients are found in the kernel of the grain and thus not lost as it’s milled into flour.  It is high in fibre, protein and minerals and easy to digest as it is low GI too.