Sourdough Baguette

Plain light, white sourdough with a dark crunchy crust in a baguette form.


A light, subtle sourdough flavour with a crunchy crust.


A short, baguette size.

Serving suggestions

Many of the same uses as the white sourdough, the baguette is perfect for crostini and bruschetta for its shape and crunchiness .  Cuts up perfectly for any hors d’oeuvres and pre-dinner or cheese platters.  Great for grilling, bread and dips as well as for soups.


NZ-grown wheat flour, vitamin (folic acid), wheatgerm, water, salt.

The classic of our
sourdough range

White sourdough is the versatile workhorse of our sourdough range. We use the same dough for both the baguettes and the loaves yet the baguette always seems more rustic due to the crunchier, crispier crust.  This recipe’s beauty is its simplicity – white flour, a touch of wheatgerm for better nutrition and our 27 year old sour starter. This is a great loaf to start with if you are new to the sour taste; not too sour but clean and simple.

As with all our sours, the classic white sourdough is made over 48 hours to develop the yeast, flavour and texture.  This slow process also helps to significantly break down the starches and sugars keeping the G. I. level low, around half the G. I. of yeasted bread.  This makes sourdoughs so much easier to digest and good for you and is a great option for those watching their gluten intake.

This bread is so versatile as it won’t clash with anything in your kitchen. The baguettes are fantastic for crostini and great with dips pre-dinner as well as forming the perfect base for bruschetta.