A moist, light sourdough that keeps really well.


The mashed potato imparts a unique flavour, with a hint of rye.


Small oval or large round loaf.

Serving Suggestions

This is a really moist and soft textured sourdough that will last longer than the others. A good option for sandwiches, or grilled either as side dish or as a starter with some good dips. Try as a different base for eggs benedict.  Great for grilling, bread and dips. A good option for a rustic, savoury bread and butter pudding.


NZ-grown wheat flour, vitamin (folic acid), wholemeal flour, rye flour, potatoes, water, salt.

The under-stated sourdough

One of the original recipes that very soon became a firm favourite of Wild Wheat’s first restaurant wholesale customers. We mash agria potatoes, skin and all, and incorporate these into a very light, rye-based dough. The skins and rye add a subtle extra flavour and keep the finished product extremely moist. It is the least favourite dough to shape, as it’s so wet and soft. The end result is well worth the sticky fingers though!

Those seeking a loaf similar to the Maori Rewena Bread but without the time or the bug to start it may find our Potato Sourdough a worthy replacement.  Often overshadowed by the showy Kumara Sourdough, our Potato Sourdough is subtle in flavour but offers a hearty base to any meal.  With the addition of the rye flour, it will also keep fairly well when wrapped tightly in a cotton cloth and can be enjoyed toasted up to four days after being made.