Sourdough Miche

A French-style rustic sourdough.


A dark, hearty loaf with a mild flavour.


Large round loaf or 1.2kg Monster Miche.  Saturdays Only.

Serving suggestions

A hearty, winter loaf to go with soups and stews.  Goes well with cured meats and strong, cheeses.  Perfect flavour and texture for a Reuben Sandwich. Another good option for a rustic, savoury bread and butter pudding.


NZ-grown wheat flour, vitamin (folic acid), wholemeal flour, rye flour, malt flour, wheatgerm, water, salt.

Straight from the baker’s pantry

This loaf is the one the baker makes every Saturday for his family and it’s big enough and moist enough to last for a few days.  The Sourdough Miche is a rustic, French-style sourdough which uses a variety of different flours including rye flour which helps give it staying power; essentially higher rye content in bread helps it stay softer for longer.  Its uniqueness is the high ratio of starter it uses. Normal sourdough has a ratio of 30-40% starter to flour; this dough ration is 80%. This, along with the rye and wholemeal flours, does genuinely and naturally extend its keeping qualities.

While not as dark as the Heavy Rye, the Sourdough Miche would still make a good Reuben Sandwich but packs enough flavour to eat toasted with butter later in the week.  Despite the high amount of starter used, it does not have an overly sour taste so it’s a good loaf for sourdough sceptics to cut their teeth on.