Kumara Sourdough

Roasted golden kumara in a light wholemeal and rye sourdough.


All the earthiness of the golden kumara.


Small oval or large round loaf.

Serving suggestions

Grilled with olive oil, some slices of ripe tomato. Also makes fantastic garlic bread and a good accompaniment to soups. This bread is almost a dish on its own as it has heaps of flavour. It truly lends itself to simple ingredients but has also been known to make a mean Bread & Butter Pudding.


NZ-grown wheat flour, vitamin (folic acid), wholemeal flour, rye flour, roasted golden kumara, water, salt.

The Best Bread in New Zealand

When Andrew first thought of making Kumara Sourdough his aim was to accentuate the earthiness of the kumara. Golden kumara was the perfect choice. It has so much more flavour and adds great colour. We roast it to get another taste happening; then the use of both white, wholemeal and rye flours to add more of that earthy feel, malt syrup to boost the colour and crust and we’re away.

We bake the kumara loaves on a stone hearth for a good 45 – 50 mins to get a rich, robust crust. The whole process, combined with the better keeping qualities of wholemeal and rye, will hopefully mean this bread will still be great toasted 3 – 4 days later. Keep it wrapped in a tea-towel and cut off slices as needed. Kumara sours also make great garlic bread.

This loaf is by far our best seller: it’s no wonder it won its category in the NZ Food Awards in 2012.