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Our Breads - White Sourdough

White SourdoughPlain light, white sourdough. Soft texture with a dark crunchy crust.  The perfect starting loaf for those new to Sourdoughs.  

A light subtle sourdough flavour.

Compliments these meals:
The posh simple white bread. Good for almost any occasion or meal idea that needs bread.  

1.5 kg Large loaf. 800gm oval loaf. 600gm round loaf. Baguette.  

Serving Suggestion:
This is a great generic sourdough loaf that can cover all sorts of menu ideas: sandwiches, toast, bruschetta, toasted sandwiches. Will keep well. View the nutritional information (PDF).

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Andrew FearnsideFrom Andrew

White sourdough is the versatile workhorse of our sourdough range. We use the same dough for both the loaves and baguettes. We offer a weekend special - the giant 1.5 kg cobb. This recipe's beauty is its simplicity - white flour, a touch of wheatgerm for better nutrition and our 15 year old sour starter. This is a great loaf to start with if you are new to the sour taste; not too sour but clean and simple.

As with all our sours it is a long slow process from dough mixing to finished product. The dough spends its first 6 - 8 hours in bulk, developing yeasts and flavour. We then divide and shape it. From here it spends 24 hours in the fridge, not dormant, but very slowly developing flavour and texture. It is this process that helps to significantly break down the starches and sugars. This keeps the G. I. level low, around half the G. I. of yeasted bread, and makes sourdoughs so much easier to digest and good for you. This is a great option for those watching their gluten intake.

This bread is so versatile as it won't clash with anything in your kitchen. Nice and light textured, it will make great sandwiches for the first day and even better toasties for the next 2 - 3 days. The baguettes are fantastic for crostini and great with dips pre-dinner.