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Our Breads - Rosemary Sourdough

Rosemary Sourdough A light sourdough with a creamy soft interior.

A light white sourdough base flavoured with fresh rosemary and extra virgin olive oil.

Compliments these meals:
Bruschetta, Bread and dips.  

800gm Round loaf.

Serving Suggestion:
A great option for bread and dips, lightly toasted. Good base for a Bruschetta. Would make a great toasted sandwich. Brush with olive oil, grill on the BBQ and use for a steak sandwich. View the nutritional information (PDF).

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Andrew FearnsideFrom Andrew

I was inspired to make this bread by one of my favourite bakeries La Brea in Los Angeles.
I love the flavours of flavours of fresh rosemary and olive oil. The addition of oil makes the textures of this dough less porous than some of the others, but also means it keeps well and grills even better.

With the addition of extra virgin olive oil, it has a softer texture making it a great choice for sandwiches. It's also an ideal bread for the favourite Italian dish Brushetta, where a grilled chunk of bread is smothered in your favourite toppings. This is the perfect way to use up day old bread as an appetiser whilst you warm up the BBQ.

As with all our sours, it is a long slow process from dough mixing to finished product. The dough spends its first 6 - 8 hours in bulk, developing yeasts and flavour. We then divide and shape it. From here it spends 24 hours in the fridge, not dormant, but very slowly developing flavour and texture. It is this process that helps to significantly break down the starches and sugars. This keeps the G. I. level low, around half the G. I. of yeasted bread and makes sourdoughs so much easier to digest and good for you. This is a great option for those watching their gluten intake.