Wild Wheat Bakery

Our Breads - Puglia

PugliaCrusty, rustic white loaf, hearty texture.

Flavoured with an old dough starter and using semolina for a crunchy crust. 

Compliments these meals:
Soups, Bruschetta.

Large Loaves, Lunch Rolls, Dinner Rolls, Cordas (mini baguettes).

Serving Suggestion:
These loaves make a great hearty base to Bruschetta. Also good as a side to meals that need something to mop up the sauces.  The rolls are a fantastic side option for soups in the winter. The smaller dinner rolls work well as a starter to a main meal. Cordas make great individual sandwiches, filled and served as you would with a French stick. View the nutritional information (PDF).

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