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Our Breads - Potato Sourdough

Potato SourdoughA moist light sourdough, keeps really well

The mashed potato imparts a unique flavour, also a hint of rye.

Compliments these meals:
Soups, sauces, grilled with dips. A great sandwich bread.

800gm round loaf. 600gm oval loaf.

Serving Suggestion:
This is a really moist and soft textured sourdough that will last longer than the others. A good option for sandwiches, or grilled either as side dish or as a starter with some good dips. Try as a different base for eggs Benedict. View the nutritional information (PDF).

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Andrew FearnsideFrom Andrew

One of the original recipes that very soon became a firm favourite of our first restaurant wholesale customers. We mash agria potatoes, skin and all, and incorporate these into a very light, rye-based dough. The skins and rye add a subtle extra flavour and keep the finished product extremely moist. It is the least favourite dough to shape, as it's so wet and soft. The end result is well worth the sticky fingers though!

As with all our sours it is a long slow process from dough mixing to finished product. The dough spends its first 6 - 8 hours in bulk, developing yeasts and flavour. We then divide and shape it. From here it spends 24 hours in the fridge, not dormant, but very slowly developing flavour and texture. It is this process that helps to significantly break down the starches and sugars. This keeps the G. I. level low, around half the G. I. of yeasted bread and makes sourdoughs so much easier to digest and good for you. This is a great option for those watching their gluten intake.